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About mon cadeau

Michiko Kado Food Stylist / Caterer 門 道子

mon cadeau is operated by Japanese food stylist and caterer Michiko Kado, providing Japanese catering for a range of needs, from executive business lunches, bento right through to sweet treats.

Where the name mon cadeau comes from

mon cadeau means ”my present” in French and comes from the surname of Michiko Kado. The character for Kado – – in Japanese can be read as either Mon, or Kado.

History of mon cadeau

mon cadeau started trading in Tokyoin 2000. In Japan mon cadeau helped cafes and restaurants with their design of menus and the presentation of food on the plate and at the table. As a food stylist mon cadeau prepared and presented dishes for magazine and brochure photo shoots


Please contact Michiko for further details on how mon cadeau can provide you with a memorable taste experience.

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